About us


Born in Recife, Brazil. The Assuncao brothers started Martial Arts at a young age, from Capoeira to Jiu-Jitsu, then unto MMA. After many years of experience, in 2009 The Brothers Established Ascension MMA.

A family gym ran by professional mixed martial arts fighters offering classes in multiple disciplines for all ages.
Competing at a high level for decades, the Assuncao brothers are well respected in both the MMA & BJJ world and their community. The Ascension MMA training system is inspired by a lifetime of martial arts knowledge and experience, unlike any other MMA gym around. Ascension MMA has Authenticity, Pedigree and brotherhood.

The facility has now grown to include multiple Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts, professional fighters, and many high level instructors. With the addition of Professora Fernanda Assuncao in charge of the Judo program, the woman only BJJ program and our competition team, while sharing her 18 years experience of training and competing at a high level. The combined knowledge and skill set of these individuals as well as the welcoming, family friendly atmosphere makes it a wonderful gym for the entire family.
Come experience the sense of community and authentic workouts that Ascension MMA has to offer.