Meet our team of Instructors:

Ascension MMA Alpharetta takes pride in having the best professionals and qualified programs in Forsyth County!

Freddy Assuncao

Owner & CEO

Born in Brazil,
Professor Freddy is the head coach at AMMA Alpharetta. He is the Titan FC MMA World Champion (2016) while having an impressive 10 pro fight win streak with wins over many legendary fighters.

Professor now focuses on competing in BJJ and coaching his members in many disciplines he’s mastered over a lifetime of Martial Arts training and professional fights that includes: Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, Capoeira & MMA.

Some of his accomplishments include:
Titan FC MMA world champion
Professional MMA record 10-2
Muay Thai pro record 2-1
Amateur Muay Thai record 3-0
2nd degree Jiu-Jitsu black belt
IBJJF 2023 Pan American NO GI silver medalist
IBJJF Dallas open Black belt 2nd No GI & 3rd Gi
IBJJF Atlanta open black belt 3rd place
AJP tour GA champion GI and No GI
ADCC Florida state champ
New Breed GA state champ
Capoeira Instructor (10+ years)
10+ years of experience in coaching Ammy and professional fighters, including 20+ appearances in the UFC as a coach.

Professor Freddy is one of the Legendary “Assuncao brothers,” a family well-known and respected in the MMA world.


Born In Brazil, Professora Fernanda Assuncao is a Judo Black belt & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt. She brings 18 years of experience in martial arts, 6 of which as a veteran of the Brazil National Judo Team CBJ (Brazilian judo federation). Some of her tittles include Pan American Champion, two-time South American Champion, 5th ranked European competitor, 12 x state champ and many more. Professora Fernanda is also the wife of professor Freddy. With this leadership pair and the combination of her experience of competing in JUDO at a high level for so many years, it brings even more authenticity to the level of our gym like no other MMA gym around.


Josh Baildon is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt who has been a member of Ascension MMA Alpharetta for over 10 years. He’s 2 boys also train BJJ at our gym. Josh coaches our Group 1 kids, Beginner's BJJ courses, and Kickboxing. Like Professor Cody and Seth, Coach josh and family are long time personal friends of Professor Freddy. 


Professor Cody has been a long-time member of Ascension MMA. Since receiving his Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Ascension MMA, Cody has been an important tool of our program in developing our curriculum and new student program. Cody now lives in Commerce, GA but still manages to come back to his home gym on a weekly basis. 


Seth is a long time member of Ascension MMA Alpharetta along with his entire family. He started as a white belt 12 years ago training under Professor Freddy Assuncao. Seth now is a Black belt in BJJ and still attends weekly classes with his wonderful wife Lynnsey and his 3 boys.  When not in the gym, Seth enjoys the outdoors, fishing and riding dirt bikes with the kids.


Coach Hutch is an accomplished CrossFit athlete and coach. He is a regular at the gym and enjoys our early morning Jiu-Jitsu classes led by Coach JR Holly. Hutch is a certified coach runs our weight training program


Professor Shmuel is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt started BJJ in 2011 in Israel. He then moved to Atlanta in 2017 and continued training until making the move to Ascension MMA Alpharetta in June 2021. Shmuel likes to travel with the family and weight training when his not training BJJ. ​

MADI MARIE Receptionist

Madi briefly train BJJ at 10 years of age with Professor Freddy back in 2010, Although she took some time off. She started training BJJ again at Ascension MMA Alpharetta in Dec 2022 and she loves every minute of it. You will also find her behind the front desk, always smiling ready to serve you in the best way.

J.R Holly Coach

Coach JR started practicing Jiu Jitsu in 2008, he moved to Alpharetta in 2015, where he first began training at Ascension. JR’s career eventually took him down into Atlanta where he continued to train BJJ regularly. After a couple of years J.R , finally moved Ascension MMA. J.R. currently coaches the morning class at Ascension Alpharetta and has a true passion for sharing knowledge and time with others.