Ascension MMA Alpharetta Reviews

Best decision we ever made for our family. Great way to get a good workout for the whole family. Our kids are in the kids classes and are learning from true professionals that not only are teaching them martial arts but life lessons all while being amazing role models. The adult classes are amazing! Such a great family environment. Wouldn't go anywhere else! Come try out a class and you will see how amazing this place and people really are!

Lynnsey Mccarter

Family atmosphere with awesome coaching. Coach Freddy pushes everyone to develop each individuals’ skills. The gym atmosphere is all about respect and learning. The people here are passionate about martial arts and are patient and welcoming to newcomers. Great for anyone interested in martial arts.

Marshall Hansen

My 13 year old son started taking classes with the adults about a month ago. What really impressed me was the sense that everyone was a team. People of all abilities were friendly and encouraging and immediately made my son feel welcome. Instructors are very knowledgeable and my son looks forward to every class.

Mike Carrello

This is a great atmosphere. Coach Freddy does an excellent job of keeping us motivated and is extremely knowledgeable in the world of martial arts. He also does an excellent job with kids if you have them. They not only teach you the art that you train there for but they keep your cardio top notch as well so you are healthy! Thanks Coach Freddy! 🤙

Dustin Fisher

I started training at Ascension about a year ago just to change up my gym routine a few months after my husband had joined. I instantly felt like part of the family despite never having experience in any martial arts related sports. Not only can I say that I am in the best shape of my life, even after previously being an athlete before coming to Ascension, I have truly fell in love with the sport of Muay Thai due to the family atmosphere and confidence I feel from top level coaching. Coach Freddy and the whole team have created this special piece of my life that is so much more than a hobby or exercise routine!

Amanda Macioce

Professor Freddy and the team at Ascension MMA are amazing! The quality of BJJ, MMA, and kickboxing instruction is extremely high, and there is something for everyone regardless of goals, skill level, or age. The team feels like a big family and is so welcoming to every person that walks through the door. Come train with us - you won't regret it!

David Vance

Ascension MMA has top level coaches that treat you like family. They go out of their way to make every student feel confident and comfortable regardless of age, gender or skill level. With no change in my diet I have lost 50lbs and have become significantly healthier since joining. After I had been training there a few months I had my wife try a kickboxing class. She was extremely hesitant to go and had no intention of continuing after that one trial class. Upon arrival at her first class she instantly felt welcome and accepted by all coaches and students. My wife instantly signed up and hasn’t missed a class since.

John Macioce

Could not ask for a better understanding of Mixed Martial Arts! Great Coaches and teammates, No matter your experience you will love coming here! We are Family! Very affordable and flexible scheduling.

Mark Zamora

Solid training spot! Freddy is phenomenal! Whether you are a fighter or just wanting to get fit and know how to train this place is awesome! They also have group classes for the kiddos!!

Enrique H.

I’ve been training at Ascension for 3+ years and I can’t speak highly enough about these guys. From the kids program to kickboxing to BJJ and MMA there’s something for everyone. The Assuncao brothers are world class level fighters and coaches, their depth of knowledge and passion for teaching is unrivaled. If you want to learn from the best then this is absolutely the place to do it.

Scott Perkins

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