Alpharetta Mixed Martial Arts Classes

Master The Skills Of Multiple Martial Arts Disciplines In Our Mixed Martial Arts Program

At Ascension MMA Alpharetta, we're offering the best Mixed Martial Arts training in Alpharetta and beyond - and we can't wait for you to see it all firsthand.

Our MMA classes are helping men and women take on a dynamic self-defense system and enjoy total-body fitness training at the same time. We work with people of all ages and experience levels. 

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What Can You Expect From Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes? 

Mixed Martial Arts has exploded in popularity over the last decade or so, as both an effective form of self-defense and a high-energy workout routine for everyday people. Whether your goal is to get in great shape, learn how to defend against any opponent, or set yourself up for success in the competition setting, we have the answer. 

At Ascension MMA Alpharetta, we're helping people of all skill sets learn effective striking skills, total-body control and coordination, and effective timing for any opponent or situation. 

Come see us here in Alpharetta today and take on:

  • Powerful striking skills from any position 
  • Total-body speed and athleticism
  • Stand-up self-defense skills for any situation 
  • Timing and takedowns for any opponent

And Don't Forget: We're Helping You Take On An Incredible Total-Body Workout

Traditional fitness training is great. But in a lot of programs, it's pretty easy to get bored or just go through the motions.

At Ascension MMA Alpharetta, we're making sure that never happens.

Our Mixed Martial Arts program is helping you challenge every muscle in your body with a focus on high-energy workouts and dynamic athleticism. We give you the chance to focus on building your skills - not on how hard your body is working. 

Our MMA classes are helping men and women all across Alpharetta develop:

  • Lean muscle toning
  • Total-body strength and speed
  • Sustainable fat burning strategies
  • Improved confidence in everything you do

Don't Miss Out On Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes Here In Alpharetta! 

If you're looking for a new way to train, look no further. Our Mixed Martial Arts classes here at Ascension MMA Alpharetta can set you up for success from day one with a focus on effective self-defense skills, total-body fitness training, and boosted self-confidence in all aspects of life.

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